A perfect sleep

I do not know about you but when I go on holiday, I always come back more tired than ever. It is not because I move or walk a lot more or visit some interesting cities; the reason is that in some hotels, I am not able to sleep well as the mattress is either too hard or even worse, too soft. And not to mention the pillows... either too low or high and very hard.

Obviously, I am very particular about this as I have been managing my hotel for years and have understood by speaking to my guests that this is not just my problem, but it seems to happen to everyone and when many of them stay in a hotel, they have my same requirements.

Perhaps I know what you are thinking WHAT CAN WE DO, I am going to Rimini to enjoy my wonderful holiday and don't want to get bored...

Well, rest assured that you will never get bored, you do not have to think about anything here.

Our reception is open 24 hours a day, we are real experts in recommending the most popular events or if you want to explore something relaxing and off the beaten track, you are free to choose what you prefer and when without worrying about time constraints.

We want you to savour the best specialities of our region dining in some of the restaurants we have chosen for you. Every day in a different place will allow you to taste traditional dishes with sensational flavours that would be impossible to try in a hotel restaurant.

Ecco alcune recensioni pubblicate dai miei ospiti, per farti capire quanto è apprezzata "la cura del sonno" nel mio hotel. Ecco alcuni esempi:

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    Mrs. Daniela C. writes “comfortable bed”.

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    Our client username infor5211 says “quiet place to relax away from the hustle and bustle”.

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    Mr. Mario P. from Pietramelara recommends our B&B “for those who want to relax in a quiet and peaceful environment”.

Book your perfect sleep holiday! 

As regards to this, I came up with a great idea for my B&B, to make the rooms suitable to ensure a perfect sleep for my guests, for example:

  • All the rooms are soundproof and newly renovated;
  • You will find soothing and calming colours to help you sleep better starting from the walls to the accessories in the room;
  • The mattress you will sleep on is really comfortable, we have chosen the highest quality Eco-Memory foam ones (special organic quality) to ensure a “Premium sleep”;
  • A pillow just right for you;
  • The right fragrance in the room;
  • A “good night” herbal tea with a variety of herbal teas suitable for your individual needs available at our bar;
  • A well-stocked library for those relaxing moments together;
  • I wrote a guide on “HOW TO SLEEP BETTER”, how to avoid incorrect behaviour, my tips will help you to sleep even better;
  • A “relaxing session” where our sleep expert will be able to give you some small and simple tips on how to get the perfect sleep (there will also be some events on specific dates);
  • A buffet brunch-style breakfast for all tastes, you can sleep till late as it is available until 11am;
  • You will be able to savour our famous cakes made by our chef with fresh and authentic ingredients, plus many suggestions for a healthy breakfast;

Am I really sure that the B&B Maria Serena is the best hotel for me to stay in?

Our “premium” stay is not for everyone, it is more suitable for those who care and have an interest in improving the quality of their sleep.

The rooms in the hotel are few; we are able to give you some real special treatment which other hotels are not able to.

What you will encounter here at the B&B Maria Serena is more an experience than a holiday, not only for the newly acquired ways of sleeping better, but also for the lifestyle that may have been neglected or even perhaps lived wrongly.
You will go back home full of energy ready to face daily life with a renewed spirit after having experienced a truly relaxing and active holiday.